About Us

When I started my business I vowed to ‘keep it personal when it comes to personnel’. Resourcing and recruitment are one and the same. The employer, the brand and the candidate should all enjoy a positive experience.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology which I later developed by attaining a Master’s in Occupational and Organisational Psychology. My career has seen me work for local authorities, charities and blue chips, including senior in-house HR department roles.

My aim, in starting the consultancy, however, was to apply science to solutions at a time when purpose, role and aims are constantly changing, for both businesses and their staff.

From personal experience I understand individuals and organisations in the corporate world face challenges, not merely when it comes to assessing and developing skills, but also the right behaviours, values and attitudes. People need to manage their own well-being in demanding roles too.

I help drive change to match cultural and job fit requirements to an individual’s skills, capabilities, attitudes, values and aspirations.

Through personalised, professional and holistic support I am gaining loyal clients who are challenging corporate behaviours and their capabilities. I may add to a job design specification. I may be asked to resource a position that is a completely new role, or, increasingly, it may be a redefined one, tweaked as we go along. In addition, I am often asked to undertake behavioural assessments, or psychometrics, to understand an individuals strengths and development areas, which can be used to develop both on-boarding and talent development plans.

My clients are growing stronger by bringing the right people on board – then developing them. I find those people.