Recruiting, assessing and developing the right candidate for any role takes knowledge and experience. Today it is as much about behaviours, values and attitudes as skills and qualifications. I may work on small changes to your in-house recruitment methods or undertake a complete overhaul. These services are available individually or through packages and retainers, to enable you to select precisely what you need as your organisation grows.

Assess & Develop Talent

Increasingly, organisations and individuals are realising that by developing talent through coaching and mentoring programmes they obtain the best performance. Crafting role profiles is a completely different service to run of the mill recruitment.

It is highly personal – skills and strengths are already there – it’s about helping to locate them. My approach is rooted deep in psychology and coaching, and I deliver interventions to help both organisations and staff learn and grow in both a professional and personal capacity.

Organisational Development

A business plan may change, a brand may alter, it may expand with a fast period of growth or slim down to refocus on core elements. Workplace change requires flexibility and that means looking clearly at the one asset which does not change – your quality people.

They are ripe for development but only if you get it right with development/career profiling, behavioural preferences, ability testing, management skills’ focus, plus leadership profiling and potential.

Executive Search & Head Hunting

When it comes to recruiting top talent I provide individual insights to ensure potential applicants possess not only the skills and experience, but the values and behaviours your organisation requires to gain competitive advantage. This allows you to harness important information about an employee’s potential and how to get the most out of them.

Recruit Top Talent

I focus on finding the key top recruits for your business. See real life examples of how we’ve helped on our Testimonials Page.